“God is the interesting thing about religion.” – Evelyn Underhill

I am a Catholic priest of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. I am also a husband and the father of two boys on the autism spectrum. The Ordinariate is part of the Roman Catholic Church and in full communion with the pope. Though the norm in the Ordinariate is the same as it is throughout the Roman Catholic Church, that priests are to be celibate, I am fortunate to have received–along with a number of my brother priests–a special exception from the Vatican.

This blog gives me the space to write about the substance of the Catholic faith and the way that it infuses every corner of my life. It is my attempt to think through how God is at work in the world. In that respect, it should be thought of as a kind of speculative theology, meant to be taken in conversation with other things. I am thinking out loud here, not speaking for the Church. I accept and believe all that the Catholic Church teaches to be true and defer to the judgment of the Church should I ever accidentally stray.

I co-host a podcast called God and Comics and I have written for a number of publications, including First Things, Aleteia, Dappled Things, Geez Magazine, and The Living Church. You can also connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.